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Tangier Island boats
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Tangier Island

Tangier Island

Tangier Island is a romantic destination for those who would see a largely unspoiled fishing village with its quaint narrow streets. Come take a step back in time and visit Tangier Island today!

Tangier Island is dubbed the "soft crab capital" of the nation, it has the best seafood available. Although modernization has come to the Island, it still has not lost its charm. The people of Tangier, who speak with a lingering trace of Elizabethan accent, are warm, friendly and proud of their Island. They live here because they like the lifestyle of Tangier and have no desire to live on the mainland.

In 1608 Capt. John Smith sailed up the Chesapeake Bay and landed at a small island he named Tangier Islands. For many years Tangier was the hunting and fishing grounds of the Pocomoke Indians, but in 1666 a Mr. West bought the island from the Indians for two overcoats. He sold part of it to John Crockett who settled there in 1686 with his family. The rich oyster and crab grounds surrounding the Island drew early settlers to this remote spot.

Tangier Island is located in Accomack County. It is currently populated by 650 people. It has its own school system, kindergarten through 12th grade. It can even generate it own electricity, even though is still has an underwater cable from the mainland for emergencies. The tallest structure on the island is its water tower, which is feed from 12 artesian wells dug around the island. The island is on average about 5 feet above sea level. There is no doctor on the island, but a large medical center is now being built, opening in later 09’. Tangier Island even has its own airport that we renovated in 2000. Read a deatailed history about the Tangier Island here.

On your visit to Tangier Island you can enjoy one of the many award winning Tangier Island Resturants, or spend the night in some of the oldest homes on the Island by booking a room in a Bed and Breakfast. Their are numerous gift shops and craft stores to make your visit memoriable. You can also explore the Tangier Island museum to take a step back in time and relish in the diverse history of hard work that comes from living on a remote Island.

2014 Schedule and Rates:
• May 4th - October 19th
• Cruise leaves Reedville at 10 am and returns at approximately 4:00 pm
• Cruises are $27.00 for adults, $15.00 for children for same day return
• Cruises are $40.00 for adults, $20.00 for children for overnight stays.

Group rates are also available

Please note that any trip to the island may be cancelled due to severe weather conditions or due to a lack of participation.

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Our Customers Say

We take our out-of-town visitors to Tangier Island every summer. It’s a great way to show them the area, and get them out on the water.
Greg G

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