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ESPN3.com Commericals
ESPN3.com did several commericals on Tangier Island. Proclaiming Tangier Island as the biggest sport town in America see them all here


Can You Speak Tangier?

A movie about Tangier Island Accents

Tangier Island Museum

Stroll through the museum while on the island and learn more about the history, culture and heritage of the of the people who live there.

Cross Bay Ferry Service
Need to travel across the Chesapeake Bay, from either the eastern or western shore one way or roundtrip? Why not use our Cross Bay Ferry Service?


Northern Neck Realty

When you visit the Northern Neck and fall in Love with the area contact us to make your dreams come true. Visit the site and seach through all the listing to find your piece of the Northern Neck of Virginia.



Tangier and Rappahannock Cruises

Our Customers Say

Every summer, we have our family reunion aboard the Capt. Thomas. It’s a great way to entertain your family and friends for a day.
Ann B ~ Bedford Family Reunion

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