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Frequently Asked Questions about Rappahannock River Cruise, Vacation Tours


Is the Capt. Thomas handicapped accessible?

The Capt. Thomas does have a gangplank that will accommodate a 24" wide wheel chair or motorized scooter. If the wheel chair does not fit the gangplank and you can possibly walk aboard, we will load you wheelchair on the boat and transport it for you.

How close do we get to the wildlife?

We get as close a possible. Some eagles are hidden, which prevents us from getting to close. You should bring a pair of binoculars, if you have a set. Point and shoot cameras are great for taking pictures, even though you can see everything easily with the naked eye.

Can we bring our own food and drink onboard?
Yes, you can bring you own food and drinks with you on the boat. There are picnic areas at the vineyard.

Can we bring alcohol onboard the boat?
Yes, you can bring alcohol on board the boat; however, the winery has strict ABC laws. No outside alcohol can be brought inside the premises. We therefore suggest you leave your alcohol on the boat while touring the winery. You can of course buy wine at Ingleside.

Is the Ingleside tour kid friendly?
There are plenty of children that visit the winery every year. Will they cannot participate in the wine tasting, they usually enjoy seeing the large machinery and the gift shop. If there is a large group of children, and special tasting of grape juice can be arranged.

Does the trip run in inclimate weather?
The only way a cruise will be cancelled, due to weather, is if the Captain fears for the safety of the passengers aboard. Usually during the chance of inclement weather, all passengers are notified the day before the scheduled cruise.

2014 Schedule and Rates:
• May 4th - October 19th everyday except Mondays and Tuesdays
• Cruise leaves Tappahannock, Va at 10 am and returns at approximately 4:30 pm
• Cruises are $27.00 for adults, $15.00 for children
• The optional lunch served at Ingleside Winery is $13.00 for adults and $8.00 for children

Group rates are also available

Please note that any trip to the island may be cancelled due to severe weather conditions or due to a lack of participation.

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Our Customers Say

What a day to relax. Cruising down the river with a glass of Ingleside wine, wind in your hair. Watching eagles soar overhead. I’m glad we found this trip.
Shannon T ~ Mechanicsville, Va.

We go every year, and the cruise gets better every time. Good way to spend a day.
Rudy H ~ Manassas, Va.

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